Seven Knights from Netmarble

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The third game is Seven Knights from Netmarble, a turn-based strategy RPG game that has been with Thai people for a very long time. We will go on an adventure with various warriors and gods to defeat the villains who want to destroy the world.

5 reasons why this game is one of the best mobile RPG games

1. The graphics of this game are full 3D anime style

Made out of very detailed fighting postures and skills are made out well and very elegant ever. The more new characters, this is said to be the most magnificent creation.

2. The gameplay is quite simple

Just get your team ready and go through all the levels, then farm as you go on to upgrade characters, collect diamonds, and find the most powerful characters to join your team to prepare for the next PvP.

3. The highlight of this game is that there are many upgrades

which each step of the upgrade in addition to the character will be better The appearance will also change. It made us want to keep playing in order to upgrade them to be stronger. You will see cool characters in the team itself.

4. There are many dungeons and other gameplay in the game waiting for us to experience

Each of which has a different complexity depending on the level of difficulty. At first, it may not have passed all. But when our team is ready enough It will pass through it with ease.

5. The game has been open for 5 years

It is one of the games that have been with Thai people for a very long time because there are activities and updates constantly. It’s no wonder that some players love this game so much. Some people have been playing since the game was released.

For all five reasons, Seven Knights is undoubtedly one of the best mobile RPG games out there. Who’s looking for a long-term strategy game with a crazy focus on farming for gods? I need this game