Bleach: Brave Souls, best RPG games

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The second game is Bleach: Brave Souls from KLab. It ‘s a Strategy RPG where we go on a journey with Ichigo and friends. Go on an adventure into the world of the Soul Society where only the most exciting battles await us.

5 reasons why this game is one of the best mobile RPG games is!

1. The graphics of this game are fully three-dimensional

Which has brought the characters from the anime “Bleach the Death God” to make a cute chibi-size figure that still retains the fierce. And original identity in its entirety. The cool thing is the character‘s skills andultimatemoves. All of them came without any fallout. Plus it’s very grand!

2. The style of play will be an Action RPG

Where we will have to arrange a team of divine characters to be ready. And then go into the checkpoint. In which in the wading stage, we can force the character to attack, use skills and ultimate moves freely. Which the characters that we use, we can switch back and forth at any time without limitations.

3. Various dungeons will beadapting the story of “Bleach God of Death” into

A fun dungeon for us to play together. There are also various event stages that can’t be found anywhere other than this game!

4. New content and events are constantly being updated 

Recently it has been announced Collaboration with Bleach: Spirits are Forever with You, the Bleach novel!

5. The game has been in existence for 5 years and is entering its 6th year! 

It’s one of the games from Bleach, the high quality that has been with gamers around the world for a long time.

For all five reasons, Bleach: Brave Souls is undoubtedly one of the best mobile RPGs out there. Anyone who is a fan of the visual strategy game from the anime “Bleach Gods of Death” must play this game without a doubt!