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Hello all my lovely Genshin Impact Game friends. It can be said that there is always something for Talk of the Town with quality games from miHoYo. That game fans are quite expecting with the results. And follow each other all the time It became a drama for both Thais and foreigners with Raiden Shogun. Who is like a representative of the Japanese people. In addition to the completeness that should be available as a  Shogun, this national weapon is probably known as a samurai sword or Katana,  but because Raiden we have become to use “spear”, so you can call it a fan of both games. Thais and foreigners complained about each other. Let’s go and see

Sympathized miHoYo to make the game as good as the fans simply can not wait to see Leak as many as the previous reviewer about. Her appearance that is not very popular with fans (I think it’s very pretty) with a sweet and beautiful appearance. Contrary to when she appeared in the trailer with the Dictator Goddess Aura. She looks so arrogant that fans are bustling and waiting for how cool she is.

But the result turn out to be a sweet girl with a hair tied up. The fans, besides wanting them to be release, want Raiden to look more fierce But this kind of thing is not beautiful, it’s a personal preference.

Must understand the developer, Genshin Impact

that design In addition to the imagination according to the concept of the  story The design standpoint is also very important for Character Design people, even miHoyo is a camp that listens to the players’ trend. It must provide a working area. To complete before me, although the Leak has a background from the developer itself. As I wrote earlier In order to check the current Feedback of the players. We looked at it calmly.

leaked information holding a spear

It’s been a trend for a while. that she came out with the position of “Lightning God” and it was said that Her approach to Support and also to carry a “spear” has led fans to complain.. That she is a god to go against Zhongli instead of carrying a model-matched katana and reflect the samurai culture.