RoV Return of Item: Blitz Blade

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Hello all lovely RoV friends. Today I will ask permission Bringing new information about items that may be coming to META soon in the test server that has changed. The front of the hand is the back of the hand. Let’s go and look at the current information about this item and see how much has changed.

Old Blitz Blade

Has the ability to be considered as an item, does secondary DMG and is a late option in the attack line and is highly effective for certain heroes only. and has a high attack speed power It is second only to Ifrit’s Claw and has a base level of movement speed.

  • Has a medium attack power of +50  DMG. 
  • 35% Attack Speed
  • +5% Movement Speed
  • Ability Item Electric Arc (releases lightning attacks as additional DMG ) 

Blitz Blade revised savage RoV

  • 40% attack speed
  • +5% Movement Speed
  • Critical hit chance 10%
  • Item   Electric Arc ability  (improved) increases the 30% chance that  Blitz Blade ‘s abilities will trigger.
  • Blitz Blade releases lightning. Deals magic damage (120+0.3 AD )
  • The damage is prana can  Critical force by the ( Critical several bounces because of lightning).
  • which is different from the old version which is a fixed DMG

In terms of the ability to improve, what will be the consequences?

What will happen is that the DMG deal dimensions will change, some physical attacks will be a Hybrid attack by default (like Allain ), which will make the front line. Might have to release more magic items. which is quite a waste of time and more resources to farm On the other hand, Blitz Blade releases  make money faster, making it easier for fighters,  carry,  or Blitz Blade releases to  spawn.

 And some of them may return to META like Kahlii, Preyta, Elsu or some Hero. This item will definitely escalate the damage in terms of DMG , potentially affecting future directions. Where attack speed-type items like  Blitz Blade come into play, some carry items like Slimz Hayae or Tel’Annas or Elan’dorr may deal faster DMG , which even Preyta, Elsu who ca n’t get  critical hits will. Blitz Blade‘s Critical has  been replaced.