Playdate, a new handheld game console

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Playdate, if talking about portable game machines, many people would think of game machines like Switch or Game Boy, which in the present era has developed a lot. Including there are also many rumors that there will be a new model coming out as well. But for players who yearn for the classic in black and white pixel style. Last year , Playdate announced a new handheld game console, which is the work of publishers of hit titles Firewatch, Untitled Goose Game and Nour: Play With Your Food, as well as the company that develops iOS and Mac software. It’s been more than 20 years and the latest has been prepare to open for reservations as the owner. Along with giving away free games every week as well.

The Playdate is similar to the Game s Boy, but has a rotating toss on the side. Which is another controller that players can use to control various games. Combine with the joy button that is already in the device. After players purchase the Playdate, the manufacturer releases free games every week and season. The first season has a total of 24 free games, and by the second season, there will be more new games .

In addition, the development team allows every player to create their own games to play with Playdate. Which can be easily create with just a web browser. The games that have been create can be release for free in the community of Playdate players. Since Playdate has built-in WIFI, games can be load and play. And when people do not use the game It can be use as a radio to listen to music. A pen holder and the screen will show up as a clock with low battery consumption as well.

As for the Playdate, it will sell for $179 (about 5,910 baht), not including shipping and taxes. According to that plan, he did not expect mass production. Because the virus of cattle wid -19 to affect production. But the team will be in close contact with the factory. If anyone is interest in ordering quickly, they will receive items quickly, but if they order late or buy later I will be sure that you will definitely get items. with plans to open pre-orders in July You can follow the details of the pre-order here.

** In the beginning The product will be ship in California. If he doesn’t have a service to send to Thailand may have to contact private transport to send to Thailand There will be additional costs and do not forget to calculate the tax when you come to Thailand.