Greater Merchant with investment in various cities

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Believe that now many people will have fun with Great Merchant. Of course, to enjoy the Great Merchant game, besides dungeons, another thing that players should not overlook is investment or trading. Because what has been said is consider important as well within the game.

I believe that many players will have problems with leveling up or doing battle quests later. Which the problem is because the character doesn’t have good equipment to use. Of course, to do good things requires money. The author will introduce you to the trading system. including investment What details will there be?

Trading in different cities within the country

The trading system in this game may be overlook by many people. But if you study it well, it will be very useful. The example to be discuss is that If you buy salted fish in Nanchang. It can be bought for 156 baht per piece, but if you sacrifice the time to travel to Hanyang city. You can sell salted fish for 358 baht. It wasn’t that easy. Because you need space to carry items from the character. including travel calculations with cost but if you have time It is recommend to study about various products in the city You can check the price of the product by pressing the product list button and then clicking to select the product. There will be details, purchase price, selling price of different cities for you. Therefore, each trip. It should be carefully calculate whether it is by boat or a shortcut to make your trade as profitable as possible.

Investments Great Merchant

Investments are considered very good in the long run. because you will receive dividends periodically Suggest that if there is money, then invest in different cities. as much as the player can The players can invest from Town halls, if you have money and time, you shouldn’t miss it. The investment system will make you have to travel to various cities in the country This allows you to use this opportunity to explore and find information. of the country you play And also try to meet with various NPCs with them.

working in the factory

Working in a factory is considered a good extra income. Should always check to see if there is anyone who opens the world to work or not? so you don’t miss it these extra money Because playing a single mini-game to earn money is super easy.

Rich and don’t forget friends

When you start to have enough money, try to open a factory. for other players to earn money to use which of course You don’t waste any free money. because other players came to make a factory for will give you various equipment At the factory, you produce it as an exchange.