ROV Players, Which Hero should I pick up to pump the ranks?

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ROV Players, In the past season18, many heroes’ abilities have been modified, some buffs, some nerfs, and so on. made at the beginning of the 18th season. Players may have to adjust the way of playing a new one.

But I believe that playing until the end of the 18th season, then all friends should be playing professionally right? So today we’re going to summarize a bit about what heroes will be interesting at the end of the season to pick up as your favorite hero for collecting stars.

Some force pumps Or which heroes should be banned? And to make it easier to understand, in this article, let’s break it down into heroes in each lane. Whoever plays which lane, don’t forget to read. 

Hero should be flat ,ROV Players

A true flat hero At present, there are only 3 of them, namely

A hero like Zata can be said to have been banned for the rest of the season. And it’s not just this season, Zata has been banned for a long time since last season. 

The reason a hero like Zata deserves a ban is because of the ultimate skill that allows Zata to fly and attack enemies continuously. which, if used to hit carry or mage, can only say one word that is severe 

Also, when Zata flew up, it wasn’t a target. Seeing Zata flying at him would only be able to escape. If anyone plays it, tell me that it’s the most cheating. Or to ban each other’s own team can play it. Just in case you’re not confident with your team, joking.

Keera ROV Players

This hero said that he met him. When you’re on the opposite team, why are you so good? Every time you come in, your blood runs back to the well. But when playing by myself, why can’t I fight anyone?

And the reason Keera deserves a ban is because all Keera skills are cheating. Can be call cheating or not, it shouldn’t be that much.

Whether it’s a skill 1 2 3 it hurts a lot for Keera plus Ultimate skill to run through obstacles as well. make it possible to walk anywhere It’s really easy to get into a fight.

 For Zip, it’s the hero that is the most annoying. Of all the heroes in the game, with the skill that some friends go into. Can you bring some friends out? When we hit the opposing hero to death, Zip just left. Or let friends come to attack us.

If we can pick up and keep Zip on our team, we’ll be fine. But if you slip your hand to the opposite side when I pray that he can’t play anymore.

Airi ROV

Although Airi is not very cheating. But it is considered a hero who is still good. Clear lanes quickly, allowing the early game to help other lanes. can quickly buy a beat for the team, and at the end of the game, there are all items, saying that it is a very good hero, even if the game is quite close Let’s eat together. Team with Airi. This has a secret advantage.

Recommended Runes – Red Rune (Sword x10), Purple Rune (Assassinate x10), Sky Rune (Dragon’s Claw x10)

Recommended Items – Gilded Greaves, Fenrir’s Tooth, Omni Arms, Curse of Death, Blade of Eternity. 


Florentino is still a top hero. He was chosen to stand in the Dark slayer lane because he is a hero who can fight 1-1 with almost all other heroes. Although there are rumors that heroes such as Qi, Yena, Airi solve Florentino’s way, but if someone is good at sword dancing, they can still win a hero.

The higher the rank, the more frightening for Florentino. It’s very difficult to find and solve. You have to decide whether to pick or ban.

Recommended Runes – Red Rune (Rage x10), Purple Rune (Assassinate x10), Sky Rune (Dragon’s Claw x10)

Recommended Items – Gilded Greaves, Medallion of Troy, Broken Spears, Hercules’s Madness, Omni Arms, Fenrir’s Tooth.

Errol ROV

Coming to the farm ax item (Laviathan) makes this hero come back to life that has it all. In this 18th season, Errol was chosen to play more in the jungle position. Farm fast when being chased away. Very difficult. 

Errol is tough, regenerates a lot of health, has immortality.

Recommended Runes – Red Rune (Rage x2, Golden body x8), Purple Rune (Spirit x10), Blue Rune (Drsgon’s Claw x10).

Recommended Items – Laviathan, Gilded Greaves, Broken Spears, Omni Arms, Mail of Pain, Blade of Eternity.