Caviar reveals, the gold-plated PS5

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If talking about the console game console of the 2021 era that just opened last year. It would definitely be talking about PlayStation 5 or PS5. In addition to good performance, there is also a beautiful design. Recently, Caviar, a company that left the Comfort Zone. In addition to making mobile phones gold-plated But he’s also launching a gold-plated PS5 called Golden Rock.

For Golden Rock, there is a full decoration of gold. It took over four months to coat and install gold on both sides of the PS5’s palm, and the gold installed weighs 4.5 kilograms, or 18 carats in gold. The design will be a piece. And comes with a black joystick. That price doesn’t need to be said too much. It’s already thrown $499,000 or 15 million baht.

But if anyone says it’s too expensive and wants a black Caviar. There is another model to choose from. by installation machine carbon fiber same grade as the car to choose as well. That price starts at $5,830, or about 174,xxx baht. Or if it’s made with black leather. It’ll cost $8,140, ​​or around 240,xxx baht.

All 3 versions have only Digital Version. There is a disc version because the price is cheaper. Anyone who wants it can try to click on his website. But it must be sent from Russia.