The Last of Us series

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Another game. As the filming is set to begin with  the Last of Us form HBO. Currently, the cast and crew have gathered to prepare for filming. with some leading actors taking pictures To update fans and interested people to follow as well. In addition. This is also consider an announcement of the official filming of the series.

For the first photo released by IG ufabetGabriel Luna as Tommy took a photo with the main cast, including Pedro Pascal as Joel, and Nico Parker taking on. Joel’s daughter Sarah and sister Bella Ramsey plays Ellie. All of the cast have gather in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where the series will be filmed.

The series The Last of Us Original Live-Action. It will be taken under the provisions of the version of the game. But will be adapt and interpret some of the content. That is different from the game that the series will have a team of Naughty Dog came to be. Consult and advise on the chapter closely. The series will premiere as early as 2022.

Anyone who is a fan game The Last of Us was waiting for updated pictures from the set along with the team , the Game to me if there is anything further updates later. The team will bring news from the filming set down for Thai fans to follow.