Genshin Impact leaks some details of patch 1.7

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Genshin Impact, It wasn’t long before the game had to be updated 1.6, the 1.7 leaked data had already come out. By having leaked new characters that will follow. One of them is Ayaka, one of the characters from Inazuma City that fans. We have been waiting for a long time And another new character, Toma and Sayu.

Genshin Impact. After waiting for a long time A 5-star ice sword character like Ayaka. Characters from Inazuma City have been revealed. It is speculated that she may come on July 21 and is the next cabinet from Kazuha. Her attack moves are similar to Mona.

Toma Genshin Impact

No information has been released about this character yet. But he seems to be a 4-star character, Fire-type, and has some kind of relationship with Ayaka

Sayu Genshin Impact

A 4-star Wind-elemental character, she can use grenades that can both attack and heal her teammates with less than 70% health, and is one of the most well-informed characters.

main character electric

Because Inazuma is a city of lightning. And it seems that the main character is able to change his element to electricity. It appears that the main character’s elemental skills can increase the energy of allies. And this element is better than the stone element and the wind element as well.

Artifzct two sets

There will be two new artifact sets, named The Glacier and Snowfield, with the ability to increase the damage and attack power of the Ice element. Two sets of bonuses increase energy charges, and four sets deal additional damage over time.

However, while we wait for patch 1.7 next month, on June 9th, it will be Summer time with patch 1.6 “Summer Fun on Magic Island”, highlighting various activities, The returning character Klee, the new character Kazuha, and the Chinese and Barbara costumes.