LoL: Wild Rift balance adjustment 2.3A Nerf falling apart

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Hello dear LoL : Wild Rift friends. Today we are back with the latest patch adjustment. Which can tell you that this patch hits many Nerf and has adjust both items and wild minion too. Let’s see.

AHRI LoL : Wild Rift

Ahri  herself has a high survival stance. And of course, her armor had to be reduce to give Ahri a chance to miss.

Basic stats

  • Base Armor: 35 →  30


Evelynn is brutal at high levels. When she uses her Ultimate to steal jungle targets. Developers try to force her to hunt champions. Not a monster, so Evelynn was downgrade to Ultimate.

(Ultimate) Last Caress

  • [NEW] 250% DMG only applies to champions.


Janna has done a great job. When she fully level up  Zephyr first, Janna‘s damage was reduce. 

(2) Zephyr

  • Base Damage: 65/125/185/245 →  55/105/155/205


Katarina ‘s win rate increase very high. When combine with playing style And for her mass kills, Katarina is hit with her Rework Ultimate to no longer be use in conjunction with Phase Rush  .

(Passive) Voracity

  • AP Rate: 0.58 – 1.0 based on level →  0.48 – 0.9 based on level

Ultimate  ) Death Lotus

  • [NEW] Now sets Katarina ‘s base movement speed to 125 while turning. 


Leona still doesn’t work very well, so she’s slightly buff.

(3) Zenith Blade

  • Range: 7.5 →  8


Wukong  will be adjuste to have better performance. In the case of being in the lane, it will be comfortable. 

(1) Crushing Blow

  • Heal effect when attacking minions: 50% →  80%


Xin Zhao underperformed. Since being rework to have similar capabilities to the PC version. 

Basic stats

  • Magic Resistance: 30 →  38
  • Health gained at level up: 105 →  115
  • Health at level 15: 2120 →  2260


  • [NEW] PASSIVE: Regenerate 4 mana every second while in the jungle or in the river.

Gold system from outer turrets

  • gold from destroying armor Each tower stage: 100 gold →  150 gold
  • Gold that everyone gets for destroying towers: 150 gold →  100 gold


Minion in Bang Camp Forest ignore by players. Because the time spent clearing the camp was not worth the time waste. Therefore, it has been adjust to make the Minion easier to manage.


  • Health: 2500 →  2200


  • Ancient Krug Health : 1600 →  1200
  • Krug Health : 600 →  500