Genshin Impact is not a bug! miHoYo Remove it

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Hello all my lovely Genshin Impact friends. Recently, many people may have wondered. What happens when friends want to go in and customize their personal profile settings? But the result appears that some of the options settings are missing. Many people may think that it’s a bug? Or the mistake of the game, but actually not when we heard from the Community that the Chinese movement made the game  company miHoyo located in China. Settings and display must be adjusted. Name and signature are issued first. Now let’s look at the reason why.

political reasons Genshin Impact

In the community discussed why this issue is. We were told that at the time this game China many games that most of them are unable to use Option  is the same. because the Chinese Now in the historical period in remembrance of the protest “Tiananmen Square”, a tragedy in China with a large number of deaths in 1989

sensitive issue Genshin Impact

My friends wondered what it had to do with it. This is expected to be a government policy. that announced the various camps to control the behavior of  community users in the social world  in China, do not act in mockery or convey any message that poses a threat to the security of the People’s Republic of China because there may be a reason with some players furious then maybe set up to mock Important events on that day which during that time was a rather important event Born on the 4th day of June 1989 (corresponding to the year 2532 of Thailand)

It was a shocking event. and the government does not want people to revive or talk about it in any aspect or in any way As a result, many game companies in China need to adopt this policy. To turn off the function settings here first. which will solve the point or not It is another issue.

enhance knowledge of history

anecdote With the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, addition to having fun. Must have knowledge too, right? Friends, I would like to intervene a litle and would like to conclude here. During that time there were political protests by the communist government. and students who demand democracy wanting to change politics in China at that time

until the event escalated became a riot and was suppressed by the government Until it was a bloody incident that killed and wounded thousands (or more). because it’s just an estimation number) until it’s a ripple effect that causes chaotic events across the country And there were protests from Hong Kong and Macau as well. And this incident gradually eased in the month of June 13 onwards.

When will it be able to do the same?

I think that makes my friends doubt each other. Why can’t I set it up as I want? And I would like to inform you that everyone should not panic Soon, the company  miHoYo should make adjustments to return to the way it was. It is expected that it will be after the  update patch. That is coming up soon in Patch1.6 that will be up in a few days or at the latest, may be out of June. This if any mistake I would like to apologize to all my friends in advance. Because I haven’t seen any announcements from the Official.