Review of Skylanders Ring of Heroes

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Skylanders Ring of Heroes from Com2uS, one of the leading game services and game development companies in Korea.  which friends can now download on both Android and iOS systems We will take you to see how interesting this game is.

The first thing you need to know is that the game is based on the world-renowned IP game console, Activision, redesigned in the form of a mobile RPG. In which the game in the game will have all Thai translations, whether it’s subtitles, character names and various abilities, allowing friends to easily understand the content of the game. makes playing without interruption

Skylanders Ring of Heroes graphic

graphic work It will be in a beautiful 3D format. The modeling of the characters is consider to keep the light and shadow well. In addition, there are details of various surroundings. Not let it go to waste All of them have a high resolution that most of today’s mobile phones will be able to adjust to the highest resolution. Makes playing more efficient and more beautiful. Effect of releasing skills and skills. It depends on each monster. The higher the skill, the more beautiful.

Gameplay system

Gameplay system will be RPG style Turn Based alternating attacks between us and the enemy. It’s one of the basic games on mobile platforms, but in Skylanders Ring of Heroes it’s also about managing the MANA cost of skill payouts. Therefore, choosing the skill sequence that should be released first. To extract efficiency is very important. Combo should be well thought out.

The characters in the game

The characters in the game will be call “Skylander” will have to choose to collect many collections divide into several levels, the highest is the legend, in addition to that, there will be a character division into different elements. In order to highlight the distinctive characteristics of being different and diverse in team arrangements To use for playing in different modes as well and secretly saying that this game can give away a lot of free lines.

There are many types of character development, whether it is equipment installation. Evolve, awaken, empower cross the limit. The system will be unlock according to the adventures of the players, the more we pass high levels. will have a new system always come out to study

There are currently 3 modes of play to choose from: adventure, scaling through the levels. Which is divide into different levels, including easy, normal and hard. In addition, there are battles, duels and challenges for friends. You can choose to play as well. So there’s a lot to give in one day.