Dragon Blaze, the best RPG games

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Dragon Blaze from Gamevil. It ‘s a Strategy RPG game where we will go on an adventure with awesome warriors. Go on an adventure through different worlds to put an end to this long-lasting war!

  1. The graphics of this game are two-dimensional, anime style

Charming and unlike any other game, the characters are designed to be unique and very diverse. Plus there’s movement that looks good and lively

2. The gameplay is not difficult

Just form a team and go through different levels and dungeons within the game. The plot of this game is very intense. Plus, there’s Thai language as well.

3. There are many different systems for us to study

There is also a huge mode for us to choose to play to farm resources to use as well. At first, it might be a bit dizzy because of a lot of systems. But if you start to understand, then playing this game will be a lot more fun.

4. New content, characters, and events are constantly being updated to the game

Recently, a new character has been released. “The Hero of the Second Time” enters the game and provides heavy giveaways for both old and new players!

5. The game has been in service for 6 years! 

Every year there is a big update that makes the game more enjoyable and fun. In addition, the team still listens to the opinions of the players and always applies them. So it’s no surprise that this game can last up to 6 years!

For all 5 reasons, Dragon Blaze is undoubtedly one of the best mobile RPG games out there. Anyone who is a disciple of a beautiful visual planning game must try it once. Now giving away a lot of heavy stuff, I’ll tell you!!