Genshin Impact 1 year anniversary award

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Genshin Impact 1 year anniversary award. This game always surprises. Whether it’s in terms of quality, performance, beauty and expectations of the fans in the Community. Which must be frankly said. There is always drama going on. Which we will reflect these sounds for friends to know, especially Patch 2.1 What’s going on? which is a combination of the voices of both Thai players and abroad to visit.

Qiqi and Kokomi pose similar poses Genshin Impact

This might be a joke, although it’s not  much drama. But it’s consider to be gather for friends to see. For example, Kokomi ‘s story where in  the  Patch 2.1 teaser. They made the same pose until the fans took to tease that Isn’t this intentional? Because it will weigh like Qiqi  this size, which I have to say. It might have some parts in common. Or maybe it’s just a joke in the Community group, but some people have gone to the serious stage, this is what it is.

1 year anniversary award Genshin Impact

Overall, there are only 10 Intertwined Fate tablets. Why is miHoYo so clumsy !! Foreigners use quite harsh words about this. Even though it’s about how the company rewards its fans during its one-year anniversary, there are many who think in many ways that giving  these 10 Intertwined Fates is actually a guarantee of only 4. Even stars!!

and another if comparing the number of diamonds The issue is no different from  Patch around which not even the special Intertwined Fate 10 tablets is equivalent to 1,600 Primogem way in which Patch  Normally, most players have said this already. Some people say Think of it as one of those things. But some people say that in other gacha games , the 1-year anniversary of this prize is much more grandiose.

Aloy, what’s the 1 year anniversary reward?

At this point, it must be say that the Community is clearly divide into issues. It’s already a must-have item as a  collab  with Sony , which was reserve exclusively for the PS4, PS5  bundle before  patch  2.1 and means players on other consoles won’t get it, but will be able to play  Aloy  in  Patch  2.2. If the analysis is based on a true Community said that this is  Collab  with  Sony  already stay on topic based on what miHoYo tricked into thinking that it is based on the award celebrates 1-year anniversary.

But it’s miHoYo ‘s pseudo-  marketing  that misleads fans into a one-year anniversary gift , which is pretty effective. Just rocking the Collab characters  in this moment only, actually  miHoYo  declares that it’s a Collab   not even a 1 year anniversary award ”  but coming in at this time . Who can’t help thinking that it’s a free gift for 1 year?

Reset bonus x 2

In the store, it’s already celebrating the anniversary of the award. This is another point where fans say they shouldn’t even be talking about it. Because it is something that should already be done on the 1 year anniversary. And what is done here is not a bonus that is paid back to the players. But it’s miHoYo ‘s marketing   for people to top up money into the game system. Which some community people are not satisfied with at this point. But if you look at it in reality People who top up regularly already benefit.