Crab Game, a game inspired by Squid Game, is now free to play

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The trend of the Squid Game animated series being release on Netflix seems to continue to be popular. Recently, the creator of this parody game is not an octopus game, but a crab game called  Crab Game, which is becoming incredibly popular!

Crab Game is a Battle Royale game that can support 35 players to compete in survival together. The game has 28 maps to play in 9 different play modes, including support for dialogue between players. play when in close proximity They can also prank each other to manipulate other players to make themselves the winner.

Each competitive game in This Game is easy to understand. Such as the game do not move glass jump game or bombing game Seeing each game, he couldn’t help but think of the games that actually existed in the Squid Game series. But the game developer also humorously change the name from Squid to Crab to avoid being sue by the Squid Game. It’s Netflix, and it’s Netflix that makes their games into series.

Game creator Dani spent two weeks developing the game before the wave of the Squid Game series disappeared, where he started building everything from scratch. and collecting information and asking for help from friends who cannot do it on their own.

Crab Game  is now  on the list of top hits on Steam, but hopefully the trend won’t go away too soon. Because now the game is gradually being talk about by many gamers. Anyone who is interested can find it and play it for free from Steam.