Bayonetta 3 Game still going well

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Bayonetta 3 Game Believe that there are many fans waiting for news of progress, trailers or anything about Bayonetta 3 that has been quiet for a while. Back in 2017, at The Game Awards, the first time it debuted. By December, four years later, the game had not yet been released. Nintendo said that development is still going well.

The fans may be worried of the Bayonetta 3 game. Because it has not come out with the launch of E3 2021 show in the past but was not concerned. Because it has been confirm that the game Bayonetta 3 is still developing well.

Nintendo’s Nate Bihldorff said during an interview with international media: “I can definitely confirm that the Bayonetta 3 game project is still going well. We will have a picture of the game to show when it’s ready. And the development team also wants to show to the fullest. Even though we won’t be showing it at E3 2021, it’s true, but we can wait, because we will definitely bring it to you.”

The Bayonetta 3 game project was first announced in 2017 and 1287 days have passed since. That project has confirmed that it will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and is still in development. But there is no news of any progress on this project, neither information nor release date has been release. Game fans will have to wait to follow the news.

Once again Nintendo has come out to give information about it as development has continued to go well over the years, with Platinum Games developing this game. There is no such information. We will have to wait and see when Bayonetta 3 will be able to play.